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Can hijama cupping cure sciatica?

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Sciatica can be a very painful experience for a lot of people. This is a pain that’s caused due to compression of a nerve in the spine and it radiates from the lower back of the spine (l4, l5 ) part and usually follows down the right hip and all the way to the leg. occasionally this pain also spreads in both legs. Sometimes pregnancy and birth giving growth can cause sciatic nerves or if you are a sports individual, excessively exercising can affect the sciatic nerve to feel irritated causing you pain. Though it may be possible for sciatica to affect anyone with sciatic nerves, some people have a greater chance of developing it, including but not limited to:


  • pregnant women
  • office workers
  • students
  • overweight people
  • bus and taxi drivers
  • inactive elderly people


Sciatica pain can be crippling, especially if it is left to progress

The sciatic nerve itself is prolonged and runs from the buttocks all the way down the leg, then the pain can be felt near the hips. This can give the sense that you have a hip problem as well when it’s not the case.

They can be severe and numbing, each symptom can vary between individuals usually because of the various causes of sciatica. Some have described as a shooting pain that can directly stop a person from doing anything. 


The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, which could be why it has such a significant effect

Hijama is not just a powerful therapy for this problem, however it’s actually a cure as well. Modern day medication will usually advise operation but we have had various cases where hijama has literally cured sciatic problems. Cases of sciatica range from extreme, to severe and sometimes just painful discomfort as well as repetition of hijama is the key to successfully curing this problem.


Cupping at the salaam hijama cupping practitioner can help reduce the pain and with regular sessions, the pain should be away. The stagnant blood is removed ( wet cupping) allowing the body to develop new fresh oxygenated blood cells. Also it reduces the pressure on the actual sciatic nerve itself which is why sometimes the pain is significantly lowered. The treatment needs to be continued till the pain is completely gone which is normally between 4 to 7 sessions.